Picture Framing and Art Conservationists

We are a family owned picture framing business in Reading.  At Angles of Art we pride ourselves on a personal friendly service guiding you through the choices to find the perfect frame for your picture. Primarily we try and help you choose key colours in your artwork and select mounts and frames that complement. We can advise on extra detailing and design elements to suggest a period style, or reflect ideas in your interiors. In addition we help you consider more precise details, such as the shape of frame and textures, in order to heighten perspective, focus the eye on a curve, or enrich the impasto of the paint.

Make your Artwork Unique

All our frames are handmade on site with a vast selection of finishes available to make your framed artwork or hand-crafted mirror truly unique. We specialise in oak staining, hand painted finishes, and custom designs for mount cards and picture frames, ensuring your artwork is beautifully presented for your interior hanging space.

At our core we are conservation framers and take the utmost care of artworks, preserving them for the future. This process begins with advice to you on the best techniques for framing your art; from the care taken to encase the works in acid free materials to prevent browning and foxing to the best grade of glass necessary to prevent fading while enhancing the visual experience.

We are a family run business that pride ourselves on a high quality service, supported by a wealth of knowledge and years of crafting experience. Most of the time you will hear us behind our shop building frames for orders as we construct everything in our workshops to the designs discussed with you.